Name: N UCH Anortositts Rozalina NO4041314 link to pedigree
Born: 25.04.14
Father: C.I.B C.I.E. NL NORD UCH N S VCH NORDJV-10 NORDV-12 DKV-11-15 Marrondales Yerke
Mother: C.I.E N DK UCH N SE VCH DKV-14 Røgild´s Clariss von Sikni
CD: Free/non-carrier
02.08.2018 Swedish Stabijhoun Club, Sälen, Field qualification test, Junior Class:
Track: 10 points
Water retrieving: 10 points
Best Stabijhoun of the test
Approved for field trial in Sweden
15.07.2018 Norwegian Breton Club, Skogn, Retrieving test for pointing breeds:
3rd Prize Open Class
Show resuts:
17.11.2018 NKK Lillestrøm Norwegian Winner:
16.11.2018 NKK Lillestrøm Nordic Winner:
30.06.2018 NKK Trondheim:
02.09.2017 Steinkjer Hundeklubb:
01.07.2017 NKK Trondheim:
03.09.2016 Steinkjer Hundeklubb:
04.07.2015 NKK Trondheim:

Rozzie comes from Kennel Anortositts, runned by Sølvi Irene and Arne Havsø in Hellvik, Norway. Rozzie showed an early interest in bird, and she showed me her first pointing already the first day I owned her. She is a lovely and affectionate miss with a mild and pleasant temper that melts every heart on her way, adults as children. She is friendly, cool headed, social, active and attentive, and would like to participate in everything that is going on.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

Rozzie loves to work, and her favorite exercise is no doubt retrieving. Defrosted or freshly caught game is definitely the favorite retrieving object. She has a lot of energy when we are working but is otherwise very calm and balanced. Rozzie always barks when there are strangers coming to the farm, and may be somewhat reserved in the first meeting. But it does not take long before she finds a friend for life after being introduced properly because she loves meeting new people and is especially fond of cuddling.
Rozzie is used for hunting both ptarmigan and black grouse, and has tried hunting pheasants on one occasion. She has never been scared of gunshots, nor does she show signs of fear of loud sounds in general. Even sounds from tractors, ATVs, woodwork machines or chainsaws is something she is affected by. She loves to join us when we work in the woods, occasionally helping out by carrying sticks and branches. In the wintertime she sits on an sled behind a snowmobile when we travel to our cabine, and in the summertime she likes to go out in the boat fishing with us.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

When it comes to hunting, Rozzie has had an even and nice development. She has a active and nuanced search, and is usually quick to find a bird in the terrain. In addition, she was first out of the breed Stabijhoun to get a prize on a Norwegian hunting test in Open Class (retrieving).

Rozzie has been inseminated twice, but unfortunately she has failed to produce puppies. Due to age, no more attempts will be made on Rozzie, so she is taken out of the breeding program. She was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis on two toes on a hind foot in 2019. This is likely due to overload of the joints associated with a fracture she had on a toe on the other hind foot. Rozzie is therefore now unable to participate in hunting or long walks. It also became a challenge to combine Rozzie and Beretta who now have two very different needs for physical activity. Rozzie spent much time alone the extra time I had to spend on Beretta, and it is also difficult to find enough hours a day when you are alone with both dogs. Therefore a difficult decision was made to relocate Rozzie to a new family that could give her the time and attention she so deeply deserves. And she couldn’t be happier with her new family, who has both experience with Stabyhoun and osteoarthritis in dogs. Berit Johansen and Rune Larsen from Oslo are today the new owners of Rozzie. Based on the feedback I have received, she has made the transition without any problems and is very happy in her new home, together with the male dog Dizel. They have also followed up with soothing treatment that seems to have a very positive effect. So, while this was an incredibly sad decision, it was by far the best for Rozzie. We will, of course, continue to stay in touch, and will be sure to stop by to greet you when the opportunity arises. I am grateful for the 6 great years I had with Rozzie and am proud of what we achieved together during this time. I will take good care of the memories ♥

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