Litter 2

Beretta x Mac


For Kennel Mirozzie’s second litter we have selected beautiful ARJEN from England for our Beretta. On Valentine’s Day itself, February 14, Beretta was inseminated, and the result will hopefully be puppies around April 16. The combination has been reviewed and approved by the Breeding Council of the Swedish Stabijhoun Club and the UK Stabyhoun Association. The combination gives a inbreeding rate of 1.61% calculated over 5 generations in Zooeasy (which corresponds to 6 generations in NKK’s Dogweb) and 32.09% calculated over all generations (which is below the breed average of 33%).

Foto: Ursula Linfoot

We have followed this lovely boy, who is daily called Mac, for several years as he excels especially on the hunting front. Mac is an approved stud in England and is X-rayed free on hips and elbows (HD A/ED 0), as well as CD free/non-carrier. He has two litters from before where the offspring have good health results and are described as extremely stable and social dogs with good hunting/working characteristics.

Mac lives in England with his owners Ursula and David, where he is mainly used for bird hunting. He excels as a superb game finder with good endurance. He has a well-developed pointing instinct and is a excellent retriever.

Ursula and David describe Mac as follows:

«What I can tell you Pia from my point of view is that he is such a sound minded dog, so well balanced and so keen to please David. David is not a natural dog person and Mac is good in spite of this because he wants so much to get it right for David. He is going to be six in May and has had very good health and is so sweet natured. He is emotionally quite contained at times not always outwardly showing affection. Honestly he is the kindest natured dog you could wish to meet and works so hard for David when they go hunting. In more experienced hands he would excel I am sure but that isn’t to diminish in any way the lovely bond he and David has»

«Mac works at a trot, tirelessly, all day. He is excellent at both tracking and finding game. He will point and flush game on command. He is a tenacious retriever and has retrieved from several hundred metres and over water. He has a soft mouth and has never killed wounded game. He is sensitive and “shuts down” if handled incorrectly, responding very well to a quiet gentle approach and to the whistle. Mac is a totally committed working dog and takes the task very seriously. I would say without hesitation he is one of the best gun dogs I have ever owned»

«It should be noted that Mac has achieved this through basic training and very little onward training. We do feel he has more in him in terms of potential.»

We think Mac is a good match with our Beretta, who are both dogs with very good hunting/working characteristics, a particularly good temper, a steady mentality and a good, breed-typical exterior. Both Mac and Beretta are used for bird hunting with good results, and have offspring after them that have done well both in hunting and in different branches of dog sports. We expect puppies with good conditions for hunting/working, and will therefore prioritize puppy buyers who are actively engaged in hunting/working, competitions and/or trials for this litter. Kennel Mirozzie works actively to promote the hunting characteristics of this breed. That is why we want to recruit hunters and people interested in hunting into this breed environment. Are you the puppy buyer we are looking for? Send us an email and tell us a little about yourself if you want to put on the puppy list. Contact information is found here. You can read more about our breeding and how the selection takes place here.

NB! Any puppies from this combination will not inherit brown/white coat color as Beretta is dominant black. They will be ready for domestic delivery around the second weekend in June.