January 2023

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From 1 January 2023, the website will no longer be updated with news. From now on, all the latest news will be published via our page on Facebook. The website will continue to be updated with planned litters, puppies, photos and results. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest news! Link here: Kennel Mirozzie

July 2022

From winter to puppy summer

Then we can finally put a cold winter behind us, and enjoy a wonderful and exciting summer. We have rightly had an exciting period until now as well, with training sessions, courses, trip to the Netherlands and dog shows. The year started with a training session with nice people from the Vorstehhundklubben at Songli. I am not particularly fond of snow and winter, but for the first time we were to try our training it proper winter conditions, which was unusual for both two and four-legged. It should be mentioned that the dogs handled it much better than me. Beretta may not have been very excited about the deep snow, but she is still doing well throughout the weekend. Corona, on the other hand, seemed to love the cold surface, and showed the largest search radius I have seen so far. She also found birds, we just have to work a little to shorten the time of the investigation afterwards. All in all, a successful training weekend where Beretta delivers well and Corona once again shows what lives in her (can hardly wait until the fall!). Brilliantly pleased with Corona’s efforts, I sign up for a hunting trial in February. The goal was to get a start in the junior class before she turned 2 years old and had to transfer to open class. Unfortunately, she managed to step on some shards of glass just two days before the start, and suffered a deep cut in the paw. Thus, there was a house arrest with a bandage instead. Terribly boring, but fortunately there will be more opportunities in the autumn.

On the course front, we have on two occasions participated in bird dog courses with Mattias Westerlund from Hundskolan Vision. A very interesting way to train a bird dog presented by a very knowledgeable man. We firmly believe that these methods work after testing them over a period of time. Especially in the specialization course, it was clear that the methods worked when we tried the dogs out on pigeons. The methods are both simple and extremely effective, and best of all, based on positive learning! We look forward to continuing to work with them throughout the summer and fall. You can read more about Mattias Westerlund’s methods at

In the spring, we waited anxiously for Beretta to start her heat. She took her time, and over a month late it finally started. It took another three weeks before she showed signs of being ready for mating, and we could begin the long journey down to the male dog in the Netherlands. The journey was divided into both car, plane and train, and we were a little excited about how Beretta would handle it. The car trip down to Oslo was naturally painless, and the flight trip exceeded all expectations. She was quite eager to get out of the cage when we landed in Schiphol, but quickly shook off the flight and was immediately ready for new adventures. The train ride of about 1 hour down to Dordrecht also went impeccably well, and the same evening there was a successful mating with Toby just minutes after we entered the door. Toby was a wonderful male dog of suitable size with a lot of energy and a very friendly temper (you can read more about Toby here). We had several successful matings during the days we were in Dordrecht, and otherwise had a very nice stay among hospitable and nice people in a beautiful country. Once home, the long wait began to confirm pregnancy. On ultrasound a month later, it was found that the trip to the Netherlands was not in vain. Thus, it was only to be patient again until the due date.

While Beretta has mostly had quiet days at home during pregnancy, Corona has been a bit more on the go. At the end of May, we exhibited at NKK’s international dog show in Trondheim in windy and wet weather. Bad weather was fortunately no showstopper for Corona, who scored no less than Exc CQ 1BB CAC CACIB BOB from the international ring. With that she got her third CAC, and can now bear the title Norwegian Show Champion! She has achieved this after only three shows, our beautiful girl ❤ Otherwise we had plans to put Corona up to a retrieving test this summer, but we do not have enough time with a litter of puppies in progress. We can rather concentrate on hunting obedience and cardio training, and hope that she will be ready to take a hunting test this autumn.

At the end of June, the stage was finally set for puppy birth. The due date was set for June 26, and it was certainly also when the puppies wanted to come out. After more than a day of temperature drop and blockage, the birth started in the afternoon during a violent thunderstorm. The first puppy came out with loud thunder roaring, and six hours later everyone was out. The result was six well-built puppies, a male dog and five females. Beretta is an exceptional mother who takes her role very seriously. At the time of writing, the puppies are already 15 days old. Everyone eats well and puts on weight, everyone has opened their eyes and they become more and more active with each passing day. We are having a nice and exciting time with more and more socialization and environmental training as the puppies get bigger. Six lucky people from the puppy list have received the good news that they have been selected, and we look forward to seeing how the puppies will develop in their new homes.

Offspring from our first litter have started to deliver results of various kinds as well. Several have done very well at dog shows, three have passed mental description with good results, and maybe we have a new agility star going on in Finland. Good job, we are so proud of you all! ❤ We look forward to following both the young and promising, and our new gems throughout the summer and autumn!

November 2021

Young, promising and eager to learn

Summer is over, autumn and the hunting season are coming to an end, and we can look back on some eventful months with a steep learning curve for both two- and four-legged. This summer’s retrieving tests ended with very good results for both Beretta and Corona. Beretta cleared the table on her last trst of the summer, with 2 x 1st prize and full score both days, and becomes the best dog of the test! A strong performance in competition with many skilled bird dogs and handlers, and so far the highest prize level ever achieved by Stabijhoun on Norwegian tests for pointing breeds. Corona has had some challenges with water retrieving, but after a short period of targeted training, it finally loosened up, and she received her first prize at the Norwegian Weimaraner Club’s retrieving test in August. Corona then got a well-deserved 1st prize in junior class! She also did very well at a dog show in November where she became BOB and got her second CAC, as well as very, very good critiques 😊

We’we also done some cardio training and hunting dressage. Among other things, we have spent a lot of time training on distance sit, calm after flush and obedience, which seems to have given results. Beretta has become more responsive and cooperative, and Corona turns out to be a very trainable young lady who is extremely committed when we work.

We started the hunting season quite far north this year, more specifically Godfjord in Sortland. Exciting with new and unknown terrain, but unfortunately there was very little bird to see. The northern grouse has probably been unlucky with the hatching this year, probably due to an unusually cold summer. Here at home, we have not been spoiled with a lot of birds either, but some have been brought home during the season. The blame should certainly not be on the efforts of the dogs, who have worked very well in the terrain this autumn. Beretta has shown herself from her better side with much better contact than last year. She can also be braked and stopped relatively much easier after flushing, and we have seen more of a fixed point that she holds longer than before. The early flushing is still there, but I keep getting closer and closer before she bursts, so I believe that this will be good in the end. Corona has really grown up and found the bird hunter in her, and has shown a lot of promising skills this autumn. She has a high pace for the breed and a relatively large search, and also maintains good contact, so here all the good tendencies are in place. Throughout the autumn, she has covered well with terrain, and found a usable amount of birds. On one of the last trips we also got to see a great point, which she held until she received the flush command. Unfortunately, the bird had flown, but it is gratifying to see that the instinct is there anyway. In November we participated in a joint training at Songli with nice people from the Vorstehhund club. There I was almost a little put off by what Corona performed, when she really took on the terrain like never before! She was at work from the first release, did not care about her partner at all, and set up several independent searches with big, nice strokes. Beretta was also at work and searched well, but had to see herself beaten by her offspring that day. Here it is very exciting to work with in the future! 😊

As a dog handler, I naturally have a lot to learn myself as well. Who would have thought that the way you lead your dog in the terrain has so a big impact on their search? I have had some aha-moments, and I’m beginning to see the true value of actually being able to lead the dog. Both Beretta and Corona have been very receptive on this front, and can be lead very easily in the terrain. It feels very good to be able to get the dog to search exactly where I want it to in the terrain.

Over the winter, we do not have much on the agenda, so it will probably be some quiet months ahead. Maybe there will be some training trips and dog shows, but apart from that we go to a quiet time. So we plan to use this time to start looking more closely at the next planned litter, which we hope will be a reality in the spring / summer of 2022. We are waiting for a clear signal on several promising males from the Netherlands, who score high on temperament, hunting skills and health. Hopefully we will know more during December. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates! 😊

July 2021

From puppy to hunter

So we have already put half of 2021 behind us. Unfortunately, we started the year with sad news that the insemination of Beretta with English Mac was not successful. So no litter of puppies for us this year. We are very sorry for this, especially on behalf of all the hopeful souls on the puppy list. But of course we will try again, and we are grateful for the trust of everyone who chooses to follow us on to the next attempt. In the meantime, we find a lot of joy in Corona from our first litter, which is now 1.5 years old. It is so incredibly exciting to follow her, and the rest of the litter’s development. She has grown to be a very tough little miss with a lot of motor and wonderful temperament. Results from ED and AD X-rays were absolutely excellent (A/A and 0/0), and the Embark DNA test showed no doubling of known diseases, as well as a lower inbreeding rate than calculated in the database. In May, both Corona and Beretta went through a mental description (MH), where they both showed good ability to abreact reasonable, no sound sensitivity and no negative reaction to shots. Thus, both completed, and now have known mental status. Corona also seems to have got a very good exterior, something we got confirmed at her first show in June where she got her first CAC. Mother Beretta also did well with Res.CAC. Otherwise, we have spent much of the summer training retrieving. Corona has handled this very well, and she was registered for a retrieving test in June. But unfortunately she had to be pulled when she contracted a severe ear infection a few days before the test. Bummer, but shit happens. Fortunately, she will have more chances to compete. Beretta, on the other hand participated on the test, and delivered as usual very well with 2nd Prize and 1st Prize.

In July, we traditionally participated in the yearly hunting training in the Snåsa mountains. This was the first hunting training session for Corona as an active participant, but she handled it very well, and showed several good and independent searches over the weekend. Beretta showed great development from last year’s training, and was at work as an experienced and trained hunting dog throughout the weekend. Incredibly fun to see that we have come so far, good dogs!
Further into the autumn, we will naturally focus on hunting. In the next few weeks, condition will be sharpened, dressage will be trained and experience will be gained from forests and mountains. It will be an extra exciting season for Corona, who has really woken up and found the bird hunter in her. Hopefully we are ready and fit-for-fight at the start of hunting season September 10th.
At the turn of the year, we will take a closer look at the next litter. We are already well under way with the planning, and have several current candidates on the list. If everything goes according to plan, we can advertise for a litter in the spring of 2022. More information will be posted when we have received various clarifications. Follow us on Facebook!
Finally, we wish you all a really good summer! 🙂

December 2020

Successful hunting season – exciting spring awaits

The year 2020 is (finally?) coming to an end, and we can fortunately look back and remember many good moments despite the fact that it has been a dark year in many ways. There was a lot of excitement associated with this year’s hunting season, considering Beretta’s good development last autumn. In addition, this was Corona’s very first hunting season, and it is incredibly exciting to see how the first season in the mountains affects the puppy. The results were both a bit as expected and quite surprising in some areas.
20201003_171315[1]What has characterized the season in a positive way is the very good and educated search Beretta has showed throughout the autumn. Here, the pieces have definitely started to fall into place, and it is extra gratifying to see that she has also started to master good tailwind searches. On the other hand, I was not fully prepared for the large search radius she set up, and at times it was a bit much for hunting in the woods. We deliberately  hunted a lot in high and bare mountains last autumn to let her loosen up more, and stimulate an increased search radius. It may seem that this is something that has influenced her search more than I expected. Beretta is without a doubt a dog that thrives best on high mountains, contrary to the breed’s description as a forest / lowland hunting dog. It probably just proves that what is said as the breed is true: It becomes what you use it for! Of course it does, and after a few walks in the woods she adapts there too, with a more sensible search radius and good contact. Incredibly fun to see how she learns to master the transition more and more with each turn. With a trained and adapted search, Beretta also finds a lot of birds. We have probably not had a single hunting trip without a bird on the wings this autumn. But this is also where the potential for improvement emerges. She is still somewhat self-willed and impatient when she gets up to birds and flushes on her own, especially out at long distances. In other words, we have a lot of work to do when it comes to dealing with bird situations. I thought we got rid of these bad habits after last year’s season, but no. But Beretta has proven to be easy to learn and adaptable, so I believe that we will be able to put the last pieces in place here as well.

Unlike her mother Beretta, little Corona still has many unfinished pieces in her puzzle. But we have probably succeeded in putting in place a lot of positive imprint and laid a good foundation for next season. Corona shows great interest in birds, and puts up some good and independent searches from time to time. She is very reminiscent of Beretta when she was the same age. She has succeeded in finding birds on her own, and on the last hunting trip of the season, the conditions were right for us to shot a grouse for her. Great end to the season! The pointing instinct is there, and for now it may seem that she is a little more patient in bird situations than her mother is (may it last). Incredibly fun to witness how the desire to hunt has only gotten stronger and stronger throughout the season. She impresses with good endurance, and an occasional high pace that I have not seen much of in this breed.
20201031_183408[1]The hunting season has been relatively successful, and it has revealed potential for improvement in some areas. A lot of experience and birds has been gained, and we are already looking forward to embarking on a new season in 2021, with the joys and challenges it may bring.

In the meantime, we are looking at the possibility of a litter of puppies on Beretta in the spring of 2021. There is still a lot of uncertainty associated with the Covid-19 situation, but it will hopefully not affect the plans. Male dog has already been selected, and we will post more information about the planned litter soon. There will be a proviso that restrictions due to Covid-19 may lead to us having to postpone the plans until late autumn 2021. We will hopefully know more about this during December.
20201115_150358[1]Finally, I want to praise all puppy buyers who have spent a lot of time in the mountains and in the woods with their puppies this fall. Great to see that they have been embossed, and really exciting to see that some of you already has shot birds for your young promising pups. I also think you are all very good at activating and training the dogs, and it is very fun to see how clever they have all become. Good work! 🙂

Finally, all that remains is to wish you all a peaceful Advent time, a merry Christmas and a happy new year when that time comes! ♥

July 2020

New everyday life with Corona

A slightly different spring has passed, and we can finally focus on this year’s summer vacation. After a hectic puppy period and a relatively sudden start to everyday life, we are looking forward to relax and enjoy some free time. All of the puppies are doing very well in their new homes, and little Corona that we have kept does not seem to miss her brothers significantly. She is an incredibly lovely puppy, which you can read more about here. I would like to applaud all puppy buyers for the job you are doing with the puppies, you are all great! Incredibly fun to watch how things are going. Here at home we have focused on routines and everyday life, so it will be nice to be able to set aside a little more time to train the dogs. Beretta is in great shape after the puppy period, and has been catching up on the retrieving training. She did very well on Namdal Fuglehundklubb’s retrieving test in June with 2nd Prize and 1st Prize with 30/30 points. Throughout the summer, we plan to attend training sessions and possibly another test, and we plan to spend a lot of time training in the mountains when the off-leash restriction is lifted in August. I am incredibly excited about how Beretta will work in the mountains this year, considering that we had a tremendously good development last fall. Corona will attend of course, and we will make sure she gets a nice and educational first Fall in the mountains. Below are some pictures from the retrieving test and of the lucky selected who are the owners of 4 beautiful male dogs from our first litter. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all friends, acquaintances and puppy buyers a really good summer!

March 2020

Puppy luck and relocation

So surely a whole winter has passed, and it has been copious in many ways. Among other things, we got to celebrate Christmas in Finland in connection with Beretta’s heat and mating with Chili. The trip to Finland was done by car and ferry over to Wasa, and went completely smoothly both ways. Beretta is a very uncomplicated dog to take on long road trips, always ready to join for new adventures. We made our stay in Finland a little holiday, and checked in to a nice hotel in the city of Tampere. We were warmly welcomed by Chili and his owner Satu, who lives about 40 minutes away from the hotel. Beretta and Chili got along well from the first moment, and after «dating» for a few days a successful mating was doen. We were excited about whether Chili was as amazing as the description and photos. He certainly was, maybe even more amazing! A very nice gentleman with a very good exterior and exceptionally pleasant temperament. Fortunately, the Christmas holidays in Finland were successful, and early on the morning of March 28, 5 healthy puppies came to the world. 4 males and 1 female were the result of a birth that went perfectly smoothly. Beretta seems to cope with her new life as a mother very well and is in good shape after birth.

Rozzie has also been given a new everyday life since last year. She was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in two toes on one hind foot, which is probably due to over loading of the joints associated with the fracture she had in a toe on the other hind foot earlier. The plan was originally to amputate when it first appeared that only one toe was affected. But unfortunately, that was not the case, and the amputation of two toes will probably only cause the remaining toes to be further overloaded. Thus, painkillers and anti-inflammatory were the next option. This has helped to some extent, but Rozzie is not able to participate in hunting or long walks anymore. It also became a challenge to combine Rozzie and Beretta as they now have two completely different needs for physical activity. Rozzie spent much time alone the extra time I had to spend on Beretta, and it is also difficult to find enough hours a day when you are alone with both dogs. Therefore a difficult decision was made to relocate Rozzie to a new family that could give her the time and attention she so deeply deserves. And she couldn’t be happier with her new family, who has both experience with Stabyhoun and osteoarthritis in dogs. Berit Johansen and Rune Larsen from Oslo are today the new owners of Rozzie. Based on the feedback I have received, she has made the transition without any problems and is very happy in her new home, together with the male dog Dizel. They have also followed up with soothing treatment that seems to have a very positive effect. So, while this was an incredibly sad decision, it was by far the best for Rozzie. We will, of course, continue to stay in touch, and will be sure to stop by to greet you when the opportunity arises. I am grateful for the 6 great years I had with Rozzie and am proud of what we achieved together during this time. I will take good care of the memories ♥

October 2019

Tests, hunting, fertility examination and change of address

This year’s summer and fall have been successful in many ways. Beretta has had great success on retrieving tests with 4 x 1st Prize in Open Class. In other words, she was awarded a prize in all the tests she participated on during the summer. On her last test she got a full score on all exercises and thus became a member of the «30 points club». A strong performance by a 2-year-old who debuted in open class this year. On the show front she has also gotten good results with one Excellent and one Very Good, both with good critiques. Hunting has been the focus throughout the autumn, and this has been a particularly interesting autumn with regard to Beretta’s development. Her great potential has become more and more visible, and she has developed in a positive direction in every way. We have also come a long way with dressage as she has become more and more responsive and cooperative throughout the fall. We are not quite on target yet, but we have definitely taken a big step in the right direction this fall.

Unfortunately for Rozzie, not everything is so positive. She has started to limp a little on one back foot this fall, and the veterinarian has so far not been able to figure out why. She is put on painkillers and anti-inflammatory, which seems to keep the pain at bay. Hopefully we will find out soon, and we will cross our fingers that this is something that can be fixed without the need for medication. She also recently went to a fertility examination. There, a cyst was found on one ovary. Whether this has had an impact on her ability to become pregnant is hard to say, but it can be a contributing cause. Otherwise, nothing worrying was revealed in the examination. Based on her illness history, and the planned litter for Beretta next year, we have made a decision not to use Rozzie for breeding. She will be 6 years old in 2020, and any litter would not be relevant until spring 2021. By then Rozzie will be 7 years old, which we consider to be too old for a puppy litter. So for Rozzie’s part, it will be my priority to get her pain-free so she can live a good life as a family dog ​​and hunting dog for years to come.

From October 28, me and the dogs will change address. Me and my domestic partner are moving apart, so the dogs and I move to my house which is a little closer to downtown. Here the dogs will still have plenty of room to romp around, as almost the entire 850 square meter yard is fenced in. The area also has many nice walking opportunities in the immediate vicinity. For their dogs, this will not be a change of significant. Rozzie is very familiar with the place as she lived here with me before moving to the farm. Beretta is a miss that copes with new environments very well, so for her part this will probably only be very exciting. Beretta’s litter will of course be carried out as planned. We welcome visits if anyone would like to say hello – contact me here. Below are some snapshots from summer and fall performances 🙂

Pia Sofie Nilsen
Proprietor Kennel Mirozzie

May 2019

Spring is here

Finally, Spring came with warmer and longer days, and we suddenly look a little at the bright side of life. It is a little sad, however, to think that we were supposed to have a litter of puppies these days. This attempt was not successful either and Rozzie did not get pregnant. Very sad for both us and all hopeful puppy buyers. Rozzie will be temporarily withdrawn from breeding until she has been through an investigation to find out if it can be an underlying cause for this, or if we’ve just had very bad luck. In the meantime, we focus on young and promising Beretta that we are planning a litter on in Spring 2020. Today, she meets the requirements for breeding set by all breed clubs in Scandinavia. We are already looking for a suitable male for her, and so far we have found two promising candidates. More information about the male dog we’ll choose will be posted when the combinations have been processed by the breeding committee in the Swedish Stabijhou Club. What we can reveal until then is that very good mentality, good hunting and working abilities and genetic variation have been some important factors in the selection. So now it will be exciting to see if the breeding committee will approve the combinations.

In May we got a summer guest here to the farm, SE JV-18 Røgild’s Nynne Fenja Kerst Tys. Pudding, which she is called on a daily basis, belongs to Kennel Malentha and will be here for a period to train a little retrieving and hopefully try some bird hunting. When the planned litter was unsuccessful, we suddenly had a lot of extra time, so we gladly welcome guests who also can get some training as a bonus together with our dogs. There is a lot of retrieving training for our dogs too these days, as well as some hunting dressage and some search exercises. The training is going very well, and especially Beretta has had a tremendously good development. Maybe we will get some prizes from tests this summer, too? Either way, it’s so great to be developing in the training, and not least to be able to train out in warmer weather again! Here are some glimpses from various spring adventures with the dogs:

January 2019

Happy New Year!

Then yet again a whole year has passed. 2018 has been a year of both ups and downs. We bring along both good and bad experiences, and not least many good memories. We have had a peaceful and quiet Christmas with many nice walks despite much bad weather. Rozzie and Beretta are in top shape after a good hunting season, and enter the new year 100% healthy end free of injury. In January we will start the process of the planned litter, and hopefully we can bring good news in the spring. On this year’s last day we had terrible weather here in Trøndelag, but we had to go on a walk anyway. Here are some glimpses from this year’s last trip:

September 2018

First hunting week of the season

Now we are back home after a great week of hunting in the mountains and woods. We have had very varied weather with both rain, sunshine, and a lot of wind some days. The dogs have worked very well despite challenging conditions a few days, so we have shot a bird or two every day. Rozzie does not have the highest pace in the first few days, but gets significantly better throughout the week. She has found a good deal of birds and shows good birdwork. She’s made many nice retrieves as well. Beretta is like most youngsters, energetic and impatient. She has an active and sometimes good search, and she finds a lot of bird. But she does not always have the patient to wait until we come within shooting distance, so she has gotten a lot of birds on the wings without giving us any shot chances. But a couple of good situations came up, so we have shot a few birds for her too. The retrieving is not much to fault, well done considering her young age and little hunting experience. All in all, a successful first hunting week with catch every day, many good situations, lots of learning and of course a lot of cosiness and cuddling. Here are some shots from the hunt:

August 2018

Puppy plans delayed

After careful consideration, we have decided to await the puppy plans until next year. We now see that Rozzie needs to get in better shape after a long period of little activity after the injury she was operated for this spring. We have therefore decided that she is not in good enough shape for a litter right now. The foot that was operated has healed up 100% and we can not see that it affects her movements in any way. So now, we just have to work out to get in shape for hunting season in September. We therefore want to focus on training and hunting this fall instead of puppies. We hope that everyone on the puppy list will understand, and you are of course welcome to continue being on the list till next year. We expect the next heat in February, so any puppies will be ready for delivery the summer of 2019. For the moment, we plan to use the same male dog (Arjen) as NVSW has approved, but if this changes we will inform you on the website. Feel free to contact us for questions or to be added to the puppy list. Contact information can be found here.

Foto: Mari Mortensdatter-Kvamsø Lyså

The Stabyhoun Special in Sweden

This year we started our holiday by driving down to Sälen in Sweden to attend the Stabyhoun Special, organized by the Swedish Stabyhoun Club. This is a whole week full of all kinds of activities for the dogs lead by skilled instructors, and otherwise a lot of social and enjoyable activities with like-minded Stabyhoun owners from all over the Nordic countries. We signed up for an activity called ‘Training for field qualification test’ for two consecutive days. Both Rozzie and Beretta were signed up for a Field qualification test at the end of the week, so this was a great opportunity to see how we were doing on the training. In Sweden, anyone who wants to participate on a field test must pass the Field qualification test every year to be approved to start. Their results from the Norwegian retrieving tests however, can be credited, so they are already approved to start a field test in Sweden. But we thought it was a great opportunity to get some competition training, and to get some new challenges. Dogs that have not started hunting tests in Sweden in the past must start in Junior Class (UKL) regardless of age. In UKL there are two exercises; tracking and water retrieving. Challenges came when it turned out that the Swedes use duck for water retrieving and rabbit for tracking. We have only trained with ptarmigan and black grouse, so duck and rabbit were completely unknown to both of them. Beretta had never tried tracking before, so this was a totally new exercise for her. Nevertheless, the training went relatively well. They both struggled to get a good grip on the heavy duck in the water, but they got it up on land somehow. On the tracking they both needed some encouragement and support to pick up the rabbit, but it went quite well eventually. So the 2nd of August we participated on the Field qualification test arranged by SvSK with good courage, but no hopes of getting the highest scores. There were a total of 12 dogs starting on the test, 8 of which were Stabyhoun and 4 were Drentsche patrijshond. The test went beyond all expectations when Rozzie got a full score on both exercises with 10 points on both tracking and water retrieving, and was also the best Stabyhoun of the test! Beretta was very close with 10 points on tracking and 9 points on the water retrieving, and in addition we were named the best team of the test! A fantastic achievement of two dogs who had never seen a duck or a rabbit before, nor have they ever participated on hunting tests in Sweden before. Amazing when all the hours of training give such good results. Clearly, a lot of training on the basic exercises for retrieving has paid off. This was also agreed by the instructor, who gave a lot of praise to me and the dogs, and he was particularly impressed by the way I worked with the dogs. Very nice to get such good feedback! Thank you very much to SvSK for a super Stabyhoun Special, and for a well-arranged hunting test. Hope to see you again next year! Here are some glimpses from the days in Sweden:

July 2018

Champion and hunting test prizes

The summer has so far offered many nice surprises on both dog show and competitions. Both Beretta and Rozzie did well at the dog show NKK Trondheim in late June. Rozzie took hes third CERT and became Norwegian Show Champion at her fifth dog show. Beretta was showed for the first time, she got Excellent and won the junior class (for complete results see the pages for each dog). Thank you very much to handler Tina Oline Bratsberg Rygge who showed both dogs perfectly! In July we signed up for a retrieving test organized by the Norwegian Breton Club. The test lasted over two days, saturday and sunday, and we participated both days. This is a test that is only for pointing bird dogs, and no Stabijhoun has ever gotten a prize in any kind of hunting tests for pointing bird dogs here in Norway before. Until now. Becaus both Beretta and Rozzie got prizes! Rozzie got a 3rd prize in AK (Open Class) on Sunday, and Beretta got a 2nd prize in UK (Junior Class) both Saturday and Sunday! This means that Beretta and Rozzie are the first in the world of the breed Stabijhoun who has been awarded prizes on a Norwegian test for pointing breeds. There were difficult conditions that weekend with hot and dry weather, and almost no wind, so we are very proud of these results! We also hope, of course, that we can see more Stabys on such tests in the future, as we think this is a test that fits the bred well. Here you can see some glimpses from the dog show and the test:

May 2018

Spring is here

The ice-cold and long winter is finally over, and we now enjoy more tolerable temperatures and calm weather. The dogs has started theis spring shedding, and with the warm weather came Beretta’s first heat. She recently visited the veterinarian for the annual health check and vaccine. Everything seemed to be okay with the vigorous one-year-old. Rozzie has recently been operated and appears to be well on her way to successful rehabilitation. She has had a vague limping on a hind foot for a long time without any obvious reason. There was suspicion of everything from ACL-fracture to tension or twisting. After an extensive round with a specialist, we finally found out she had a small fracture in a sesmoid-bone in a toe. The fracture was complicated, and after so long, calcification had also occurred around the toe joint. We chose to take the advice of the specialists to amputate the injured toe, as it gives the best prognosis that she becomes completely painless. The operation was successful and after a couple of weeks, Rozzie was on her feet again. She uses the operated foot perfectly and does not seem to limp anymore. A little tense and stiff after the walks, but it will probably improve as the muscle mass is rebuilt. Dogs will usually live perfectly fine without a toe, so we are confident that Rozzie will become 100% again shortly. Otherwise, we have refreshed some retrieveing exercises and had some rounds of tame bird training lately. It seems like everything is still nailed for Rozzie despite a long break. Beretta has also begun a little with retrieving and tame birds, and so far it looks very promising. Now we have begun the countdown to summer and look forward to some nice days in the mountains and in the cabin the next months.

March 2018

Blue Monday all week

Night to Monday 12th of February, Rozzie gave birth to a single little female puppy. The puppy weighed only 184 grams at birth, and otherwise seemed weak and dehydrated. Despite intensive care at the veterinarian for several days in a row and constant monitoring around the clock, the puppy died after a week. It was an exhausting week with a very sad outcome. The reason that only one puppy came, who was also not viable, is still unknown. There can be many different reasons, and it’s almost impossible to figure it out based on pure observations. Therefore, the puppy is sent to autopsy so we hopefully can get an answer to what caused this tragedy. Good news news is that the UK Stabyhoun Association have approved a new attempt with the male Arjen on Rozzie’s next season. We will await the formal application until we have received an answer from the autopsy. Cause if it turns out that this may be genetic / hereditary which was unfortunate in this combination, of course, we will not repeat it. Nevertheless, we are aiming for a successful mating in the nearest future with a suitable male dog.

Thank you for the little time we got together… Sleep well little sweetheart… ♥

December 2017

Rozzie is inseminated with Arjen (Mac)

Just before the weekend in week 49, the «noble drops» arrived from the handsome Englishman we chose for Rozzie. Skilled veterinarians at Anicura Stjørdal Dyreklinikk made sure that they were utilized in the best possible way. Now we can finally start the exciting wait and hopefully we will start the new year with good news. We cross our fingers for the result to be a litter of healthy and beautiful puppies.


November 2017

Succsessful hunting season

The 2017 hunting season is coming to an end and there is no doubt that this has been our most successful hunting season ever. Both our Stabys has shown enormous development in their own way. Rozzie has been brilliant with a wider, more active and more independent search compared with last year. She has been incredibly steady when pointing, and it seems as she has stoped flushing birds on her own as we saw a lot of last year. One example is a point she got over 160 meters away from me, and she held it rock steady until I arrived to give her the flush command. Good girl! In addition, she has performed several nice retrieves. Keeping calm in flush and shot has been good, but far from perfect. Anyway, I think it’s starting to get at an acceptable level for hunting. Little Beretta was only 4 months old when she joined the hunt for the first time. From day one she showed her great interest in the game, and it did not go long before she flushed her first ptarmigan all by herself. She surprises with a very independent and relatively wide search for her age, this is very promising! She also quickly realized what was waiting when Rozzie and Raya was pointing, and was quickly on the spot to flush the birds. It is safe to say that Beretta has spoiled some chances for us this way, but at the same time we think it is important that such a young dog gets a lot of joy in the hunt to start with. Still, it seems she has begun to keep more calm, as we have seen on the last trips that she stops and freezes occasionally when the other dogs point. Very much promising to see this season in other words, and it’s really fun to experience that many hours of exercise is starting to give results. Below is a collection of photos from our hunting trips this year, enjoy!

July 2017

New pack member to Kennel Mirozzie

On Friday 14th July I went to Stavanger to bring home our new pack member Anortositts Dine Beretta. Beretta comes from the same breeder as Rozzie, Kennel Anortositt, run by Arne and Sølvi Irene Havsø in Hellvik. Beretta also has the same mother as Rozzie, lovely Clarissa. Father is beautiful Duplo (StabyWorld’s Duplo Frost Fan Leffe) from Denmark. There are several reasons why we chose to buy our second Stabijhoun from the same breeder and same mother. We are first and foremost very pleased with Rozzie who is from their first litter, with her lovely temperament, good mentality and good hunting qualities. We have a close cooperation and good contact with Kennel Anortositt, and we know how much work they put in their puppy litters. They put mental health high and work to maintain the hunting qualities of the breed. The litter was mentally tested and received the following description in its puppy analysis: «A wonderful and mentally even litter. Several show very good hunting and working abilities. Shows good adaptability in new environments. New owners can go as far as the owners themselves are capable in all dog sports with these puppies.» In addition, this is a very exciting combination between two dogs who have good bird interest and good hunting genes in the lines. You can read more about Clarissa and Duplo, as well as the rest of the gang in Kennel Anortosite here. Having two dogs from the same lines in a kennel may not be so common. But considering how the situation is for our small breed today  we have no worries about this. According to numbers from NVSW (Dutch breed association for Stabijhoun and Wetterhoun) at least two puppies from each litter should be used for further breeding in order to see a significant advance in the genetic variation of the breed.

Beretta is lovely, definite and tough little Miss who does not seem to be afraid of anything. She is affectionate and friendly and goes along very well with our other dogs. Rozzie and Raya welcomed her and seemed to have settled down with their new pack member. Rozzie thinks is very exited to have little sisters here and seems to have taken on some kind of motherhood for our new little friend.

June 2017

Rozzie’s father Marrondales Yerke impresses with both «beauty and brains»

There are lots of good news coming in from Rozzie’s breeders Arne and Sølvi Irene Havsø in Kennel Anortositt these days. Rozzie’s father Marrondales Yerke has really impressed lately. Here is what Sølvi writes on her Facebook profile about the latest results:

«Today we finally received the confirmation that Yerke also has the title of International Beauty Champion. This title is high, as there are very few Stabyhouns who have achieved the working demands for this. Yerke is, as far as we know, the only one in the Nordic region of Stabbyhoun, and among the three who hold this all over the world by Stabyhoun. And Yerke can do more than look nice and find/retrieve birds, he became the first blood tracking master in Eigersund Hunting and Fishing Association. Full title/name will be: CIB, CIE NORD UCH, NL CH, N SE VCH, NORDJV-10, DKV-11,15, NORDV-12 Marrondales Yerke. «

We are really proud to have an offspring from this beautiful gentleman. We congratulate so much!

The hunting season is planned

Today we received the last confirmation of applications for hunting cards, thus this year’s season is finally planned. This year we have focused on a somewhat later hunting start than before. One of the reasons for this is that we are expecting a new pack member in July, and we would like the puppy to grow as much as possible before we start hunting. With a puppy on the hunting team we have to take some shorter and less challenging trips this year. Another reason is what we’ve been having unusually hot and dry weather in early autumn in the past few years. Such weather type is unfavorable to any hunting dog, and extra challenging for young dogs. The heat makes it very tiring in itself, and dry conditions minimize the amount of smell in the terrain. Therefore, we have set the hunt until the end of September this year. We will hunt both on state and private grounds this year, and on the last weekend in September we will bring more acquaintances with Stabyhoun for hunting with us in the mountains of Verdal. So now the training for the season can begin. We really look forward to it!





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