December 2017


Rozzie is inseminated with Arjen (Mac)

Just before the weekend in week 49, the «noble drops» arrived from the handsome Englishman we chose for Rozzie. Skilled veterinarians at Anicura Stjørdal Dyreklinikk made sure that they were utilized in the best possible way. Now we can finally start the exciting wait and hopefully we will start the new year with good news. We cross our fingers for the result to be a litter of healthy and beautiful puppies.


November 2017


Succsessful hunting season

The 2017 hunting season is coming to an end and there is no doubt that this has been our most successful hunting season ever. Both our Stabys has shown enormous development in their own way. Rozzie has been brilliant with a wider, more active and more independent search compared with last year. She has been incredibly steady when pointing, and it seems as she has stoped flushing birds on her own as we saw a lot of last year. One example is a point she got over 160 meters away from me, and she held it rock steady until I arrived to give her the flush command. Good girl! In addition, she has performed several nice retrieves. Keeping calm in flush and shot has been good, but far from perfect. Anyway, I think it’s starting to get at an acceptable level for hunting. Little Beretta was only 4 months old when she joined the hunt for the first time. From day one she showed her great interest in the game, and it did not go long before she flushed her first ptarmigan all by herself. She surprises with a very independent and relatively wide search for her age, this is very promising! She also quickly realized what was waiting when Rozzie and Raya was pointing, and was quickly on the spot to flush the birds. It is safe to say that Beretta has spoiled some chances for us this way, but at the same time we think it is important that such a young dog gets a lot of joy in the hunt to start with. Still, it seems she has begun to keep more calm, as we have seen on the last trips that she stops and freezes occasionally when the other dogs point. Very much promising to see this season in other words, and it’s really fun to experience that many hours of exercise is starting to give results. Below is a collection of photos from our hunting trips this year, enjoy!

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.




July 2017


New pack member to Kennel Mirozzie

On Friday 14th July I went to Stavanger to bring home our new pack member Anortositts Dine Beretta. Beretta comes from the same breeder as Rozzie, Kennel Anortositt, run by Arne and Sølvi Irene Havsø in Hellvik. Beretta also has the same mother as Rozzie, lovely Clarissa. Father is beautiful Duplo (StabyWorld’s Duplo Frost Fan Leffe) from Denmark. There are several reasons why we chose to buy our second Stabijhoun from the same breeder and same mother. We are first and foremost very pleased with Rozzie who is from their first litter, with her lovely temperament, good mentality and good hunting qualities. We have a close cooperation and good contact with Kennel Anortositt, and we know how much work they put in their puppy litters. They put mental health high and work to maintain the hunting qualities of the breed. The litter was mentally tested and received the following description in its puppy analysis: «A wonderful and mentally even litter. Several show very good hunting and working abilities. Shows good adaptability in new environments. New owners can go as far as the owners themselves are capable in all dog sports with these puppies.» In addition, this is a very exciting combination between two dogs who have good bird interest and good hunting genes in the lines. You can read more about Clarissa and Duplo, as well as the rest of the gang in Kennel Anortosite here. Having two dogs from the same lines in a kennel may not be so common. But considering how the situation is for our small breed today  we have no worries about this. According to numbers from NVSW (Dutch breed association for Stabijhoun and Wetterhoun) at least two puppies from each litter should be used for further breeding in order to see a significant advance in the genetic variation of the breed.

Beretta is lovely, definite and tough little Miss who does not seem to be afraid of anything. She is affectionate and friendly and goes along very well with our other dogs. Rozzie and Raya welcomed her and seemed to have settled down with their new pack member. Rozzie thinks is very exited to have little sisters here and seems to have taken on some kind of motherhood for our new little friend.

June 2017

Rozzie’s father Marrondales Yerke impresses with both «beauty and brains»

There are lots of good news coming in from Rozzie’s breeders Arne and Sølvi Irene Havsø in Kennel Anortositt these days. Rozzie’s father Marrondales Yerke has really impressed lately. Here is what Sølvi writes on her Facebook profile about the latest results:

«Today we finally received the confirmation that Yerke also has the title of International Beauty Champion. This title is high, as there are very few Stabyhouns who have achieved the working demands for this. Yerke is, as far as we know, the only one in the Nordic region of Stabbyhoun, and among the three who hold this all over the world by Stabyhoun. And Yerke can do more than look nice and find/retrieve birds, he became the first blood tracking master in Eigersund Hunting and Fishing Association. Full title/name will be: CIB, CIE NORD UCH, NL CH, N SE VCH, NORDJV-10, DKV-11,15, NORDV-12 Marrondales Yerke. «

We are really proud to have an offspring from this beautiful gentleman. We congratulate so much!

The hunting season is planned

Today we received the last confirmation of applications for hunting cards, thus this year’s season is finally planned. This year we have focused on a somewhat later hunting start than before. One of the reasons for this is that we are expecting a new pack member in July, and we would like the puppy to grow as much as possible before we start hunting. With a puppy on the hunting team we have to take some shorter and less challenging trips this year. Another reason is what we’ve been having unusually hot and dry weather in early autumn in the past few years. Such weather type is unfavorable to any hunting dog, and extra challenging for young dogs. The heat makes it very tiring in itself, and dry conditions minimize the amount of smell in the terrain. Therefore, we have set the hunt until the end of September this year. We will hunt both on state and private grounds this year, and on the last weekend in September we will bring more acquaintances with Stabyhoun for hunting with us in the mountains of Verdal. So now the training for the season can begin. We really look forward to it!



May 2017


New training comrades

In mid-May 20 quail chickens came to the farm. They grow and thrive in the barn, and will gain access to a fenced outside area as soon as they get a little bigger. Once they have become able to fly, we can start using them to train the dogs. Tame birds are suitable for educate young dogs and for training and perfecting obedience in bird situations. By training with tame birds, repeated and controlled bird situations are obtained. The birds are never in direct contact with the dogs, and with many birds the sessions are evenly distributed, giving minimal strain on each bird. Tame bird training is not something one should do too often, the main exercise should take place in the mountains and woods.









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