Name: Anortositts Dine Beretta NO45433/17 link to pedigree
Born: 16.05.17
Father: DK UCH StabyWorld´s Duplo Frost Fan Leffe
Mother: C.I.E N DK UCH N SE VCH DKV-14 Røgild´s Clariss von Sikni
HD/ED: B/0
Tested for CD: Non-carrier
Hunting tests:
14.07.2018 Norwegian Breton Club, Skogn, Retrieving test for pointing breeds:
2nd Prize Junior Class
15.07.2018 Norwegian Breton Club, Skogn, Retrieving test for pointing breeds:
2nd Prize Junior Class
02.08.2018 Swedish Stabijhoun Club, Sälen, Field qualification test, Junior Class:
Track: 10 points
Water retrieving: 9 points
Other: Best team of the test
Approved for field trial in Sweden
Show resuts:
30.06.2018 NKK Trondheim: Exc JUNC1
01.09.2018 Steinkjer Hundeklubb: Exc INTC1
16.11.2018 NKK Lillestrøm Nordic Winner: VG INTC2
17.11.2018 NKK Lillestrøm Norwegian Winner: VG INTC2

Beretta comes from Kennel Anortositt’s third litter, and is Rozzie’s half sister. Beretta is a wonderful mix of high energy and cuddle dog. She is very active, social and devoted, and throws herself in the arms of anyone to greet. Beretta is a very fearless and independent miss, and she quickly felt at home on the farm together with the other dogs. Shots and loud sounds she does not react to all, and she is very nerve-proof and tackles new environments very well. Beretta loves to work and get new challenges, and everyday dressage and daily routines went relatively fast to learn.

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Beretta surprised early with a relatively large, active and independent search for hunting. She has always shown great bird interest, and was early on finding her first ptarmigan. She loves to carry things, and did not hesitate to fold over and pick up the first bird we shot for her. In the mountains and in the forest is where she thrives, and there is no doubt that she has the qualities needed to become a very good hunting dog. She was also the first of the breed Stabijhoun to get a prize on a Norwegian hunting test (retrieving).

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Beretta has had a great and exciting development, and we hope that it will continue that way. We aim for her to go into breeding, as such qualities are important to preserve in the breed.

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