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Kennel Mirozzie runs a small scale breeding of the breed Stabijhoun, also known as Frisian Pointer. Our breeding is based on the breed’s origins as a versatile hunting dog. Our overall goal is to breed healthy dogs with good conditions for hunting, dog sports and family life.
We like to believe that we breed small superheroes, that can make a big difference.

Latest news

We are often out roaming on new adventures with our dogs. Read more about our recent trips, training, results and about plans for the future.

Our breeding

Mirozzie’s goal for breeding is:

  • Functional and healthy dogs both physically and mentally
  • Breed typical exterior
  • Cool-headed and mentally strong dogs
  • Dogs with good prerequisites for family life as well as hunting and working

You can read more about what we prioritize in our breeding here.

Our dogs

Today Kennel Mirozzie has two Stabys, Beretta and her daughter Corona.

Our litters

The follow-up from the breeder has been incredibly good. From the time we showed our interest for the first time, until she chose us as puppy owners, and training before we picked up the puppy. We have received good help when we have wondered about something, and she is genuinely interested in following up the dogs in the litter. This is a serious breeder who is highly recommended.

Tone & Erlend
Happy owners of Kaizer from litter 1

Contact us

For interest in a puppy or other questions or inquiries.

Breeders, breed clubs and kennel clubs.

Pictures and videos

See more of our dogs

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