Mirozzie’s breeding comply:

Mirozzie uses dog databases like DogWeb and ZooEasy to thoroughly investigate the studs and their offsprings for planned breeding combinations. We strive to avoid doubling of disease genes and high levels of inbreeding as far as possible. Mirozzie’s primary goal is to keep all combinations below the average for inbreeding in the breed, both in order to avoid contributing to an increase in inbreeding for the breed in total, and to reduce the likelihood of recessively inherited diseases.

Mirozzie’s goal for breeding is:

  • Functional and healthy dogs both physically and mentally
  • Breed typical exterior
  • Cool-headed and mentally strong dogs
  • Dogs with good prerequisites for family life as well as hunting and working

Physical health

Stabyhoun a relatively healthy breed, although it is a rare breed with a relatively small gene pool. The biggest challenge the breed has is inbreeding. All Stabyhouns originates from very few individuals (about 10 dogs) considered to be the breed’s ancestors. Therefore, almost all Stabyhouns have a certain degree of family relationship to each other. In addition, only a few dogs are used for breeding. There are strict guidelines that determine which dogs can be used for breeding, and not all dogs fulfill the guidelines. At the same time, the breed is dependent on breeding as many individuals as possible to maintain the genetic diversity. In other words, it’s a difficult balance. Occurrence of diseases is something that we must take into account when choosing breeding combinations (avoid doubling of disease genes).

Diseases that occur in the breed to varying degrees are:

  • Cerebral Dysfunction (CD or NEURO) is a neurological disorder inherited with simple recessive inheritance. The symptoms are visible when the puppies are very young, usually from 6 weeks of age. The puppies who develop the disease will be motoric troubled, going i circles, stop eating and will eventually die. The genes for this disease have been found, and by taking a gene test one can determine if the dogs are carriers or free. Both parts can be used in breeding, but must be combined according to given rules: Free x Free or Free x carrier. It will not produce sick puppies.
  • Persisting Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) is a heart condition that should be operated if the puppy is to live a normal life and not die early. This can occur spontaneously in the heart or be hereditary. There is an ongoing research on this disorder to find the cause. Unfortunately, this disorder is increasing in occurrence, in the Netherlands it is seen in 2-3 litters annually. In breeding one try to avoid combining lines that have a lot of PDA.
  • Hip dysplasia (HD) is a developmental disorder of the hip joint due to both genetic factors and environmental factors. Hip dysplasia does occur i the breed, but usually in a mild degree (X-rayed HD grade C). Most countries allow breeding Stabyhouns with HD grade C because too strict requirements for HD will exclude too many dogs that are otherwise healthy and good specimens of breed. The requirement is that one of the dogs in the combination is free of HD and that the first litter is to be investigated and examined by a breeding counsel before the dog is allowed to continue breeding. Mild HD grade C very rarely causes any ailments or limits the use of the dog. Strong HD grade D and E is rarely seen. The degree is determined by x-rays when the dog is about 1.5 years old and everyone is strongly encouraged to x-ray their dog, both to know their own dogs diagnose and for the breeding part. HD grade A and HD grade B equals free of HD. Note that these are HD gradings used in Norway, HD gradings can vary in different countries. We refer to your countrie’s Kennel Club websites for more information about HD.
  • Elbow Dysplasi (ED or AD) is a collective term for three types of developmental disorder of the elbows, caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Also for ED it is recommended to X-ray dogs by 1.5 years old. We refer to your countrie’s Kennel Club websites for more information about HD.
  • Epilepsi (EP) is a sudden disturbance in the brain that causes a dog to lose control of a part of its body: the dog falls, gets severe cramps, can foam around the mouth and may have a discharge of urine and/or stools. There are also milder forms of expression. Epilepsy may be hereditary but may also be caused by environmental factors. The hereditary form usually manifests itself in the Stabyhoun around two years of age. In breeding we try to avoid combining two lines with the same disorder. EP was more common before in the breed.
  • Von Willebrands Desease (Type1) is a bleeding disease of the mildest form. It is a reduced production of a particular coagulation factor that gives dogs who suffer an increased blood clotting time. In general, this disease does not cause problems, but in case of major injury/surgery, there may be major bleeding that can be difficult to stop. A gene test for the disease does exist, but the breed’s origin country has chosen not to make the test compulsory when breeding. This because the disease does not cause problems and the dog can work normally in everyday life.
  • Aseptic Meningitis (SRMA) is an autoimmune disease where the immune system responds to healthy cells in the body; «The runaway». In the case of AM, the immune system responds to the meninges and causes inflammation in these (meningitis). This disease is not contagious to other dogs or humans and is not caused by viruses or bacteria. It is believed to have a hereditary factor as it appears to be more common in certain lines.Source: NVSW / Kennel Anortositt

Mental health

Unfortunately, we see Stabyhouns with severe fear, especially for loud noises such as gunshots, fireworks and thunder. It has in some cases been so bad that the dog has not worked in everyday life and therefore been euthanized. Generally weak mentality is also seen more often than we like. This is very unfortunate in a breed that should be able to function as a versatile hunting dog. In Mirozzie’s breeding we wish to breed dogs that can work both for hunting and at home as a family dog. Therefore, we put mental health very high, without compromising physical health. Dogs that show signs of weak mentality and fear of noises will not go into breeding at Kennel Mirozzie.

Adolescence environment

Here at home my dogs have plenty of room both inside and outside. We place great emphasis on socialization and environmental training of the puppies. The puppies will grow up in a homely environment where they get used to everyday sounds and objects, and they will greet different people and animals during their adolescence. In the weeks before delivery I will try to make sure that the puppies are able to experience varied environments and situations outside the home as well.

For Mirozzie it is important that the puppies get positive associations with the smell of birds and other game as well as the sound of gunshots. Therefore, we will begin gunshot habituation (and sound habituation in general) with the puppies early and presenting the puppies for birds and other game in the form of wings, fur and skins.


None of my puppy buyers may choose puppies themselves. Nor is it the «first come, first served» that applies when you sign up on our puppy list. We will take a comprehensive assessment of the puppies’ different characteristics and traits, and then try to match each puppy with the one on the puppy list which has the best prerequisite for giving the puppy the everyday life it needs and deserves. Each puppy will also undergo a puppy analysis of an educated behavioral specialist.

Puppies from Mirozzie are only sold to people who are going to use the dog for hunting or for other hunting-related activities such as search for wounded game, or who alternatively do dog sports at a competition level. Stabijhoun is a breed that needs to be activated mentally, whether it is in the form of hunting, tracking, searching, retrieving, obedience, agility or similar activities that give it challenges.

If you are interested in a puppy from Kennel Mirozzie, please contact me here.

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