IMG_20210102_162734_921.jpgName: Mirozzie’s Seek & Destroy NO37896/20 Link to pedigree
Born: 28.02.2020
Father: CIE EE LV LT BALT CH LVV19 Lenstra Abe Fân Fryske Komôf
Mother: Anortositts Dine Beretta
CD: Fri/non-carrier
Mental description: Completed
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Corona is the only bitch from our first litter that we have kept for further breeding. She grew up during the corona epidemic in 2020, which naturally became an inspiration for her nickname. Corona is not as dangerous as her official name and nickname might make her seem. Because even though she definitely lived up to her official name as a puppy, she is also super sweet, affectionate, trusting and very social throughout. Like her mother, she is very cool-headed and environmentally strong, and she has no negative reaction to gunshots or loud noises. Corona loves to take part in new adventures, and she is not afraid to embark on exploration alone in new and unknown places. She may be a little reserved when meeting strangers, but she likes to smell and greet gently. Everyone who serves treats and cuddles becomes her best friend in no time.
inCollage_20200704_235358983.jpgCorona is easy-to-learn and willing to work, and a distinctly spontaneous retriever. She retrieved her first grouse when she was only 3 months old. She has inherited the interest in birds from her mother, and shows otherwise good trends in relation to hunting features.