Litter 1

Beretta x Chili


For Kennel Mirozzie’s first litter, we have chosen beautiful LENSTRA ABE FÂN FRYSKE KOMÔF for our Beretta. The combination has been reviewed and approved by the Breeding Committee in the Swedish Stabyhoun Club. The combination gives an inbreeding rate of 0.15% calculated over 5 generations in Zooeasy (which corresponds to 6 generations in NKK’s Dogweb) and 32.09% calculated over all generations (which is below the breed’s average of 33%).

Chili, which he is called daily, lives in Finland at Kennel Sandhill Chili’s, and is well known for his great temperament. He has performed Mental Test with very good results, is X-rayed free of HD/ED (A/0) and is tested free of CD. In Finland, it is also common for breeding dogs to take X-ray of the spine. Chili was X-rayed at the age of 6 with brilliant results: VA 0, LTV 0, SP 0 (0 = no sign of change). Chili has three litters from before, one in Sweden and two in Finland, where the offsprings have inherited good temper and good health results.


Chili has many good show results, and currently has the following titles: C.I.E., Estonia Champion, Lithuania Champion, Latvia Champion, Baltic champion, LVV-19. He has a very good, breed-typical exterior that complements Beretta’s in a good way. He is a dog that loves everyone, both other dogs and people. As mentioned, he is known for his good temperament, and is described as a very gentle, pleasant and social dog who loves to sit on his owner’s lap. Chili is not only beautiful and cuddly, he also has many good working abilities. He loves to work, and is more than happy to participate in swimming, retrieving, searching and blood tracking. He is a dog with a lot of motor that can work tirelessly for long periods, even with repetitive exercises. Chili is not used in practical hunting, but has great interest in birds and other game, and has an active search when he is out in the woods and fields. He has also shown that he has pointing instinct on several occasions, and that he does not react negatively to shots or other loud noises.


We consider Chili a very good match for our Beretta. They are both healthy dogs with a lot of motor, very good hunting/working abilities, superb temperament and a good, breed-typical exterior. Here we expect steady and good-natured puppies with good conditions for hunting/working. We will therefore prioritize puppy buyers who are actively engaged in hunting/working activities, competitions and/or hunting trials for this litter. It is important for us that the puppies have the opportunity to use their potential as we want to see how the abilities are inherited. This is important both for preserving the characteristics of the breed, as well as for further breeding in our kennel. We will also keep a bitch puppy from this litter for further breeding.


The puppies were born on February 28, 4 males and 1 bitch. All the puppies are sold.

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