Litter 1

Anortositts Rozalina x Arjen

For Kennel Mirozzie’s first litter we have chosen great Arjen. The combination has been reviewed and approved by NVSW (Dutch Breed Association for Stabijhoun and Wetterhoun) and complies with the NVSW and UK Stabyhoun Association’s Breeding Guidelines. This fine gentleman, called Mac, is owned by David and Ursula Linfoot from Dunnington, England. Mac is HD and ED free (HD A/ED 0), and this combination gives a very low in-breeding grade (0,54% calculated over 5 generations in Zooeasy, which corresponds to 6 generations in Norwegian Kennel Club’s Dogweb). We believe that Mac has a nice, breed typical exterior that complements Rozzie’s in a good way. Mac is also used for hunting, showing promising features.

Here is David and Ursula’s description of Mac:

«Working Ability
Mac has grown into an excellent working dog with a wonderful ability to find game. He is attentive and obedient, works well to directional hand signals, commands, stop whistle and recall. He walks to heel very well, never pulling or leaning on the lead. His retrieve is very good if he has hunted and found the game and I have shot it. Needs to be «fired up» to retrieve cold game or game other people have shot. (This is very much work in progress). We have had a very pleasing first Season and I can only imagine that he will continue to improve with experience, maturity and ongoing training.

Mac is exceptionally bright and enthusiastic. He is confident but not pushy. He has a strong attachment to the four dogs he lives with; particularly our two entire male Spinone. He is a very, biddable, sweet natured boy and has a very strong and close bond with David who has put a lot of work into his gundog training, but equally he is responsive and loving towards myself and it has been me who has focussed on his day to day training and behaviour. I find him an easy dog now he has matured; however he was at times challenging as a puppy. He has high energy levels and is very keen and intelligent and has a lovely balance of confidence and enthusiasm. We are delighted with him and look forward one day to having one of his offspring join our gang.»

We believe Mac has the qualities we want for our first litter. Both Rozzie and Mac have great hunting qualities, willingly retrieve wild game, are not scared of gunshots and otherwise very sweet natured and cool headed dogs. We think that Mac’s high energy level combined with Rozzie’s willingness to work and otherwise calm and balanced temper is a good match. Hopefully this combination will give puppies with good prerequisites for both hunting and working. We would like to note that Stabijhoun is a hunting dog that has hunting instincts to a greater or lesser extent. They therefore require some mental stimulation in addition to physical activity if they are not to be used for hunting. Track, search, obedience, agility, nosework or similar activities are good alternatives. We therefore hope that potential puppy buyers are prepared for this and add an active life to their future puppy from this combination, hunter or not.
If you wish to sign up for a puppy from litter 1, please contact us here.

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